Genital Herpes

First-episode primary genital herpes is characterized by fever, headache, malaise, and myalgias. Pain, itching, dysuria, vaginal and urethral discharge, and tender inguinal adenopathy are the predominant local symptoms.
Genital Herpes
Characteristically widely spaced bilateral distributed lesions of the external genitalia are seen. Lesions may be present in varying stages including vesicles, pustules, or painful erythematous ulcers. Involvement of the cervix and urethra are seen in over 80 percent of women with first-episode infections. First episodes of genital herpes in patients who have had prior HSV-1 infection are associated with less frequent systemic symptoms and faster healing than primary genital herpes. The clinical courses of acute first-episode genital herpes among patients with HSV-1 and HSV-2 infections are similar. However, the recurrence rates of genital disease differ. Over 80 percent of patients with first-episode HSV-2 infection will have a recurrence within 12 months (median number of recurrences, four) compared to 55 percent of those with primary HSV-1 infections (median number of recurrences, less than one). Recurrence rates of genital HSV-2 infections vary greatly between individuals and over time within the same individual. HSV has been isolated from the urethra and urine from men and women without concomitant external genital lesions. A clear mucoid discharge and dysuria are characteristic of symptomatic HSV urethritis. HSV has been isolated from the urethra of 5 percent of women with the dysuria-frequency syndrome. Occasionally, genital tract disease manifested by HSV endometritis and salpingitis in women and HSV prostatitis in men may occur.

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Things to know about Genital Herpes

The life of a person has become quite easy to save with the help of medicines available in market. Numbers of diseases are increasing day by day and sexual diseases are one of them. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the fatal sexual diseases known as genital herpes. Before discussing this disease in detail, it is necessary to know the basic things about this sexual problem. Well, Genital herpes is a disease that is caused by a virus of type 2 (HSV-2) or sometimes by type 1 (HSV-1). Majorly this sexual problem is caused by the attack of HSV-2 virus.

How this sexual problem actually starts? Initially, the victim cannot see its visible symptoms easily but with the passage of time, blisters start to appear around the rectum and genitals. When these blisters break, they leave an injured area which can turn into an ulcer. It is very necessary to treat the blisters before their breaking otherwise they can create a lot of difficulty for the affected person. As these blisters appear on the genital organ, so they directly linked with the sexual transmitting disease. If an infected person does have sex with her partner, then he can transmit this disease to her.

Treatment of this infection can be done by the help of a professional doctor’s advice. One thing should be kept in mind during the treatment of this infection that it remains in the body for many months and years. So if you are using a medicine for its treatment, then you should be patient regarding its outcome. It may take several years for complete treatment.

A study shows that genital herpes infection is major in United States. Besides this, the ratio between men and women of having this infection is greater in women. Approximately, one out of five women in United States carries the viruses of this infection. During a sexual intercourse, an infected woman can transmit its viruses more likely to normal man as compare to infected man to woman.

How can we get if we are suffering with this infection? Well, the basic and easy answer of this question is by the help of symptoms. There are some distinct symptoms of this infection which help us to recognize the infection in very less time. Its major symptoms are second crop of sores, fever, swollen glands and flu. However, many people who have infection due to HSV-2 virus do not show the symptom of sores. Genital herpes infection appears in episodes. When blisters appear first time, they vanish after 4-5 weeks period. If they start to appear again around the genital, then the infected person should take it seriously and should consult with a good Professional doctor who knows about the skin problems. Now doubt, this infection will give you much pain initially but during its treatment, it will become bearable. So far, no medicine is available that can be used to directly treat this infection but some medicines can be used to shorten the medication period.

The importance of health and study of Genital Herpes

Different people have different hobbies in their life which they like to do in their spare time. Some people have the hobby gardening and some like to do internet surfing in their free time. You may not believe that but there is a class of those people who have a deep love for books. Reading comics and technology related books is a very good thing but some people read medical books and try their best to implement their medical knowledge in their practical life. Such people also visit libraries and do a lot of research to know about different health problems and their solution. They do not consult to a professional doctor when they face any type of difficulty in their life regarding health. To save their doctor’s fee, they do their treatment with the help of their own knowledge. Sometimes they get success because that time they may be treating common health issues like nausea and fever. When they comes to the treatment of tuberculosis or cancer, they push their and others life towards a painful future. Experienced and good professional doctors always say that doctors are here for people health.

In this article, I shall cover the knowledge about genital herpes, its symptoms and good treatment with the help of ordinary medicines. First of all, discussing about the basic things related to genital herpes, you will come to know that it is a sexually transmitting disease and caused by HSV virus. Its results usually appear around genital organs and mouth. Two types of HSV virus are common which transmit from one body to another and become the cause of genital herpes. HSV-2 virus is transmitted through oral or genital secretions. When these secretions come in contact with any part of other body, they become active and start their working. Those who have knowledge of biology will have the idea that virus act as living and nonliving organisms. They are living when they are present on a living person and they become dead when they leave the living body. So the contact of secretions containing viruses with another living body gave viruses a new life and they start spreading around genital or mouth.

As the results of genital herpes comes in front of us from genital organs and mouth so vaginal and oral sex is strictly prohibited during the suffering of this skin infection. United States took very good steps to stop this infection from one person to another. They make their people aware of this infection and told them safety measures to avoid it. We can also stop this infection from spreading by following safety measures like avoid sexual or any other type of contact with infected area of person. Besides this, a good treatment by an experienced doctor can also make a virus inactive in affected person. For this purpose, you will have to take recommended medicines on daily basis. In short, prevention is better than cure for this devastating disease in people of all ages.